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We are creating our own future.

  • Forming partnerships.
  • Launching companies.
  • Moving discoveries to market.

SCBIO is THE strategic partner. Bringing us together, creating opportunities, opening the door to the global biotech industry.

Maybe someday:  We'll see the look on a wife's face when her husband's cancer is gone - or a family's joy when a child's autism is cured or a painful surgery prevented.

What gets you up in the morning?

Be a partner with SCBIO -- with your time, your money your corporate influence --and help us make something wholly new. ..right here in South Carolina. 

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SCBIO: Advancing the Life Science Industry

SCBIO is a member organization that exists to support and advance South Carolina’s life science industry through collaboration, advocacy, workforce development, enhanced purchasing power and education. This mission furthers our goal of ensuring that South Carolina’s companies, research institutions, and citizens reap the economic and societal benefits of a world-class life sciences cluster.

More than 800 companies and institutions employ 15,520 people with an average annual wage of $55,233 in South Carolina. Life science businesses and institutions impact 46,032 jobs, according to a 2012 study by the Battelle Institute.


SCBIO also includes the SCMedTech Council, which represents the fast growing medical device community. 



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