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BioSpy’s Prostate Cancer Screening Breakthrough Runs on Rymedi’s Blockchain-Enabled Clinical Diagnostics Platform

GREENVILLE, SC / ACCESSWIRE / March 26, 2024 / Rymedi is proud to announce its newest collaboration with BioSpythe creators of Prostate IQ®, a next generation prostate cancer screening test. This new partnership will ensure the highest efficiency and security of data for prostate cancer testing due to Rymedi’s state of the art blockchain-backed, Web3-enabled technology, built with the speed, security, and customizability of the Avalanche blockchain network.

Approximately 1 in 8 men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime. However, each man’s risk of prostate cancer can vary based on his age, race/ethnicity, and other factors, according to the American Cancer Society. Prostate IQ™ is a race and age-stratified prostate screening test that uses multiplexed microsampling to test for prostate cancer biomarkers with less than one-fifth of a drop of blood. The BioSpy Collection Device allows for painless blood collection in the clinic, home, or workplace in three to four minutes per patient.

“The most prevalent cancer in our country is prostate cancer, which is often undetected during traditional physical examinations,” said Dr. Gregory Pinto, renowned urologist and surgeon. “However, we’ve now adopted advanced blood tests specifically designed to detect this cancer with much greater precision. Utilizing the Prostate IQ⎮ test, which is a high-sensitivity microfluidic blood test, we can detect signs of prostate cancer five, eight, or even ten years before any clinical significance arises.”

The painless nature of the BioSpy collection device empowers individuals to self-collect their blood specimen at home or to take action in being tested by a physician without fear of the examination process. This promotes a proactive approach to surveillance and timely intervention.

“Along with the accurate and personalized results that our test provides, we want both patients and healthcare providers to be confident that BioSpy’s results adhere to rigorous security and compliance standards. That’s why we are excited about our partnership with Rymedi,” said Charlie Balentine, Managing Partner of Pinnacle BioLabs, the parent company of BioSpy.

“We take great pride in BioSpy using our technology to deliver vital precision diagnostic results for prostate cancer,” said David Stefanich, Co-Founder and CEO of Rymedi. “Rymedi’s technology is revolutionizing the way data is shared, recorded, and stored with unrivaled security, and we aim to work with companies who are forward-thinking to provide solutions that improve lives. We are thrilled about our partnership with BioSpy and dedicated to helping them empower patients in overcoming or preventing the onset of prostate cancer.”

Rymedi utilizes a Subnet, a custom blockchain within the Avalanche network. Avalanche launched in September 2020, ushering in a new era for blockchains with near-instant transaction finality. Today, Avalanche supports hundreds of applications, secures billions of dollars in value, and boasts 1,800+ validators, all while having minimal climate impact.

Rymedi supports life sciences organizations like BioSpy in advancing human health by providing cutting-edge patient and population health data management software and effective workflow solutions with the highest levels of security and compliance. All Prostate IQ® orders, samples, shipping and results data will now be managed on Rymedi’s platform built on proprietary blockchain architecture.

About BioSpy

BioSpy revolutionizes prostate cancer screening with its cutting-edge technology. The BioSpy collection device facilitates painless blood collection at the clinic, home, or workplace, taking only three to four minutes per patient. Samples remain stable at room temperature for up to 72 hours, streamlining the shipping process to the lab and ensuring accurate results. This innovative test eliminates the need for a phlebotomist, centrifugation, and cold storage, resulting in a remarkable 70% reduction in total processing time compared to traditional lab draws. Distinguishing itself further, BioSpy’s Prostate IQ™ test stands as the only prostate cancer screening test to recognize ethnicity in its screening algorithm. By incorporating race stratification, it provides a personalized risk assessment based on both genotypical and phenotypical data. The test is also age stratified to safeguard individuals of all ages. Utilizing multiplexed microsampling, this groundbreaking test requires only one-fifth of a drop of blood. The BioSpy Reference Laboratory employs this minimal sample size to test for multiple analytes on a single microtainer of blood, delivering precise and personalized results. For more information, please visit

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