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ChromaSol International LLC consists of 3 employees/owners. One each is located in GA, SC and NC. We have a patented light-activated antimicrobial technology that has been reported by other researchers to kill bacteria and virus in a way to which they have not been observed to develop resistance, (including MRSA, TB, influenza, etc). The technology involves a water-based, polymer-bound photosensitizer which catalyzes formation of singlet oxygen. The polymers can be applied to fabric or other substrates, making them self-sanitizing in the presence of light. Current efforts are directed toward attaining EPA registration as a new antimicrobial technology. Initial approval will be for "odor control" while we work our way up to public health claims. Later efforts will work toward FDA approval for medical treatments for respiratory and topical infections. This technology also has applications as a "human scent kill" for hunters, and treatment for bedding in poultry and porcine agricultural applications.

Products & Services

LightGuard 28 is an emulsion polymer product for short-term or disposable antimicrobial applications. It is easily removable in an alkaline wash. This includes odor control, scent killer for hunters and deodorizing agent for shoes.  LightGuard 34 is a solution polymer for textile applications. It can be applied to fabric, making it self-sanitizing for extended periods. The polymer is self-leveling and self-crosslinking, making it durable to fabric. Applications include self-sanitizing scrub suits and coveralls, surgical drapes, etc.

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1295 Lancaster Hwy
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  • William Floyd

  • Bernard Wolff

  • Josef Schneider

  • Tripp Floyd

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Bernard Wolff
803 519 8692