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About Clemson University, Department of Bioengineering

The department’s mission is to educate and prepare students for professional careers in bioengineering for global competitiveness and to develop and disseminate bioengineering knowledge through research and engagement in economic development to advance health innovation and biotechnology in alignment with Clemson’s land-grant mission.

Products & Services

Educating Thinkers, Leaders and Entrepreneurs. Offering BS (biomaterials and electrical concentrations), MS , M.Eng and Phd degrees. 

Primary Company Location
Rhodes Annex 302
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Member Employees

  • Martine LaBerge

  • Jennifer Hogan

  • John Desjardins

  • Sarah Johnson

  • Manuel Gutierrez

  • Melissa McCullough

  • Shawn Patel

  • Samuel Coeyman

  • Jake Potter

  • Savannah Dale

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Company Contact

Jennifer Hogan