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DC BLOX develops core infrastructure that helps cities bring technology-dependent companies and jobs to their regions and helps local businesses to achieve their digital transformation goals. We accomplish that by developing relationships with state, county and city governments, industry groups, community organizations and chambers of commerce, and dedicating resources to help the local community.


We Serve Local Markets by:

  • Meeting business’s local and regional data center needs with Tier III rated facilities that provide the security, reliability, cost-efficiency and expertise that allows them to focus resources strategically.
  • Connecting businesses to any destination worldwide through our private network and global ecosystem of communications partners. With a software-defined network fabric, connectivity to the cloud, to partners, and to providers is provisioned quickly, enabling fast response to business opportunities.
  • Enabling the local communities where we do business. That means investing capital for data center construction and offering resources, services and facilities to local organizations, enhancing our communities through training, collaboration and education.


Products & Services

Colocation Services for Digital Business

Digital transformation is driving rapid changes in IT infrastructure strategies and IT executives have a lot of options to consider. While many workloads / applications are moving to the cloud, there are important reasons why colocation remains a critical part of your IT strategy.


Cloud Storage That Scales with Your Growing Data Demands

In your growing business, managing storage has become more complex and expensive as you attempt to keep up with accelerating data growth. You’re up against tighter IT budgets that squeeze both your staff and your systems, and yet you still have to protect your company’s data from both natural disasters and major system outages.

The cloud could be the solution, but with most public cloud providers, it comes with unpredictable charges including data egress and data transfer, as well as costs to convert applications to proprietary object storage interfaces.


Data Center Connectivity Services to Enable Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, driven by rapid advances in technology and customer expectations, is impacting every industry and disrupting many. Businesses need their IT teams to help accelerate growth and avoid competitive threats. But with growing digitization, IT infrastructure is becoming increasingly distributed. Mobile users want to consume services from wherever they are. IT is leveraging SaaS applications and public cloud infrastructure to avoid on-premise deployments. Databases must be managed securely in the company’s data center. Data needs to be collected and analyzed from IoT devices. Information needs to be shared with partners.

However, legacy infrastructure and local communications providers may not be able to meet the bandwidth, latency, location, cost and schedule requirements necessary to help businesses realize their digital goals. CIOs need to shed those constraints and enhance their agility to win in today’s business environment.



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