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About Global Transplant Solutions

Global Transplant Solutions (GTS) is exclusively dedicated to the Organ Procurement and Transplant Market, Worldwide. We believe supporting the global increase in organ donation is the primary purpose of every person at GTS. That’s why, as a start, every employee at GTS is a registered Organ Donor, and why our message, Fostering the Mission, is ingrained in everything we do.

Our overriding focus is on providing this life saving community with the highest quality products available, and to continue to pursue ways of improving the current products. Every unit produced for GTS goes through a rigorous quality control and quality assurance process to insure each unit meets the standards required by organ procurement and transplant professionals. The life-saving gift of a donated organ deserves nothing less!

ALL GTS products are terminally sterilized to insure the highest quality standard. And the modern production processes used by GTS’s manufacturing partner SALF, provides the longest shelf life of any preservation solutions used in the organ preservation industry.

Primary Company Location
1875 E. Main Street

Member Employees

  • John Bruens

  • Tim Bruce

Company Contact

John Bruens