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About Pharmaceutical Associates, Inc. (PAI)

Among North America’s leaders in quality, safety and productivity, Pharmaceutical Associates Inc. manufacturers and markets generic liquid pharmaceuticals. We have been at the forefront of producing better-targeted suspensions, oral solutions, elixirs, syrups and liquids for over 50 years.

PAI offers a broad portfolio of more than 60 prescription and over-the-counter therapies to treat patients. Some of our core strengths include brain, immune, metabolic and digestive health. For the OTC market, we provide a wide variety of affordable medications to treat allergies and upper respiratory symptoms, minor aches and pains, constipation and more.

To meet the unique needs of retail chains and independent pharmacies, hospitals, long-term care facilities and government agencies, PAI offers standard bottle packaging and ready-to-dispense packaging. In fact, PAI was the first independent manufacturer to develop vertically-integrated unit dose (UD) packaging, and the first to offer complete lines of hard-to-find liquid products in both out-patient and UD packaging.

Products & Services

Pharmaceutical Associates Inc.’s core business is in the development of high-value generic liquid medicines, which includes suspensions, oral solutions, elixirs and syrups. Our generic products adhere to strict cGMP compliance – the same standards of originator products set for by the FDA, DEA and other regulator agencies.

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