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About Precision Genetics

Precision Genetics is a healthcare technology company that leverages the power of data analytics, medication safety decision support tools and prescribing outcomes to bring the best solutions and services to a world of better health. By combining healthcare data, genetic markers, and the latest clinical evidence, we analyze the physical and financial risks posed by medications to individuals and populations but we also allowing busy physicians and providers to immediately develop individualized treatment and prevention plans for their patients. This comprehensive, personalized approach reduces interaction and efficacy risks while assuring proper therapy. Our interactive tools empower patients to utilize their molecular results to address their individual risks and treatment pathways based on their unique genetics, demographics, lifestyle, and medical conditions. Most importantly, a patient’s genetic risk analysis can be applied later in life as their risks increase; their health changes or new treatment pathways are identified.

Products & Services

Precision Genetics has solutions and services geared towards healthcare, physicians, employers and academic groups.  We have developed these risk assessment solutions and services that utilizes the patient’s unique molecular and genetic response as well as clinical, lifestyle and baseline medication regimen  to optimize their care.  Our programs include:

1.     Precision Perioperative Risk Solution - This risk analysis looks at enzymes involved in metabolizing antiemetics and pain management drugs while testing for Malignant Hyperthermia susceptibility and VTE risk. The crux of the program is to enable the anesthesiologist to select the best possible medication options for each patient based on their genetic profile and relevant clinical factors.

2.     Precision Mental HeathRx Solution – The world leading Neuropharmagen report provides guidance to help practitioners reduce adverse drug reactions in patients taking mental health medications by providing them with a risk analysis of the patient's current drug regimen.  With the largest set of genes to analyze a wide variety of everyday mental health medications, studies showed that testing with Neuropharmagen has helped to increase the response rate among patients with 1 to 3 therapeutic failures by 67%, after 12 weeks.  Additionally, practitioners have lifetime access to a cloud-based tool that will enable them to understand what medications will have an increased likelihood of a positive response for the patient based on their genetic metabolism.

3.     Precision Employee Care Solution is a turn-key program where employees are invited to participate in the employer-sponsored program to identify which medications work for employees and which do not in order to put them on the right medications. Programs like our provide both the health and financial risk around employees taking the wrong medication.  Each year we spend $528 billion dollars as a result of taking the wrong medication and lose 275,000 lives.  Optimizing and managing medication regimens is complex, and we have designed comprehensive solutions to deliver the most effective tools to creates a streamlined process for patients and providers to increase health and decrease healthcare costs.

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