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About Zylö Therapeutics

Overview:  Zylö Therapeutics has an innovative sustained-release drug-delivery system that was developed at Albert Einstein College of Medicine by Joel Friedman MD PhD and Adam Friedman MD FAAD.  The patented delivery system uses hydrogel-derived nanoparticles, called Nanopods™, to deliver—in a sustained and controlled manner, for 24+ hours—notoriously hard-to-deliver therapeutic agents through topical administration.

The Universal Drug Delivery Platform:  Drs. J. Friedman and A. Friedman set out originally to sustainably deliver Nitric Oxide, an unstable gas that has significant therapeutic potential. After investing more than 10 years and $10 million, the inventors achieved, with their second-generation Nanopod™ platform, sustained delivery of not only Nitric Oxide, but most any water- or fat-soluble molecule.  In addition, they also achieved an important milestone of 24+ hours of sustained delivery, which is key for once-a-day application.  Importantly, with this second-generation platform, the release rate of the payload is easily controlled, and the manufacturing of the Nanopods™ is easily scalable. 

Problems solved!...There are two problems with almost all therapeutic agents we apply to the skin:

  1. Too much of the product stays on top of the skin, whereby the therapeutic agent either dissipates into thin air or gets rubbed off (by clothing, etc.)
  2. When the product actually gets absorbed into the skin, its “lasting power” is only 30-60 minutes

A Lidocaine-based cream (for hemorrhoidal pain/itch and other such inflammatory conditions) is a great example: After such a cream is applied, some stays on top of the skin and is ‘wasted,’ and the portion that gets absorbed has an effect that is less than one hour; as such, the user has to either live with the pain/itch for the rest of the day or re-apply many times per day (not easily performed and certainly not convenient).


By loading that same Lidocaine into our Nanopods™, however, one achieves a very different result: The Lidocaine-filled Nanopods™ immediately lodge themselves under the surface of the skin where it cannot be rubbed off, and the Nanopods™ slowly decompose, gradually releasing the Lidocaine over a 24+ hour period.  Once-a-day application should relieve the pain/itch for an entire day.

Competitive advantages:  The leading competitor is a $100M market-cap company that requires a two-part mixing chamber, has about 2-3 hours of sustainable delivery, has toxicity issues, and is limited to Nitric Oxide delivery and to dermatological applications.  Zylö’s technology is far superior and has no market or payload limitations.

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