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About Us

A statewide, not-for-profit, public/private life sciences industry association and economic development organization formed to actively promote, build, support, expand, and convene South Carolina's life sciences industry. 

Official state affiliate of BIO -- the U.S. Biotechnology Innovation Organization -- and the exclusively dedicated advocate and 'voice' for the multi-faceted SC life sciences industry. BIO champions biotechnology and its potential to provide better healthcare, enhanced agriculture, and a cleaner and safer environment for people around the world.

SCBIO is powered by a dynamic portfolio of public/private members and stakeholders, and is a primary conduit and link to global industry partners.

We build relationships among life science companies and other allied groups, including government agencies and service industries, to create greater business opportunities and bottom-line growth.

We foster a positive business environment for start-up and existing life science companies in South Carolina by advocating for innovation-friendly policies and infrastructure that support the industry's growth. 


Life science businesses are innovating:

  • Next Generation Medicines, Vaccines, and Pharmaceuticals
  • Advanced Medical Devices, Diagnostics, and Testing
  • Bio-Agriculture and Bio-Materials
  • Integrated Digital Solutions and Life Sciences Advanced Manufacturing Solutions. 


  • 670+ Life Science Firms; 43,000+ Direct and Indirect Jobs
  • Average Salary $78,000+
  • Supporting $7 Billion+ in Economic Activity
  • Generates $11.4 Billion Annual Total Economic Impact to SC, over 40,000 Jobs in Total, $2.5 Billion in SC Labor Income
  • 2.9 Industry Multiplier
  • SC Inventors have Earned 400+ Patents and Licensed Technologies in the past 5 years

Create the nation’s most industry-friendly and innovative life sciences ecosystem and business environment to fuel the knowledge economy in South Carolina. 

Advance and grow the life sciences industry in South Carolina – as South Carolina's only exclusively focused life sciences industry association and economic development organization.

  • Economic Development - support growth of existing industry... recruit/attract new industry partners... grow our own companies... all in alignment and coordination with SC Commerce, Regional Alliances, and local economic developers

  • Advocacy & Legislative Issues - serve as the Voice of our Industry
  • Tell the SC Life Sciences Story - marketing, promotion, PR & branding to targeted global audiences, telling our story and generating leads
  • Support Innovation and R&D - with SCRA, our Research Universities and industry partners, support innovation, research and development

  • Convene and Connect - bring together and connect the life sciences industry and stakeholders through dynamic events and programs 
  • Attract New Capital & Funding - encourage and stimulate new capital and funding sources to fuel innovation in South Carolina

  • Help Improve Delivery of High-Quality and Affordable Healthcare -- to extend life, enhance quality of life, and relieve suffering. 


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BIO CEO Jim Greenwood


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