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SCBIO In Action: Responding to COVID-19

SCBIO continues to closely monitor the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, and its impact on South Carolina...

We continue to monitor the most up-to-date safety, infection control and health protocols recommended by experts, including the CDC, WHO, SC DHEC and others.  We're keeping our life sciences industry connected and informed with webinars, and adding important 3rd party programs as we spot them.  Check out this week's calendar of great programs below.

The life sciences industry is hard at work in South Carolina... so share how you are dealing with this global crisis.  Tell us how your organization is "stepping up" to make a difference in difficult times.  Now more than ever, America needs South Carolina life sciences... and you.

SC Emergency Supply Portal Joins PPE Exchange: Get PPE Supplies You Need

South Carolina's Emergency Supply Collaborative -- a collaboration between SCMEP, the SC Hospital Association, the SC Dept. of Commerce, and SCBIO -- has joined forces  with the national team at PPE Exchange to provide a dramatically expanded and fully automated resource for accessing PPE and supplies for all South Carolina businesses, hospitals and healthcare providers.

PPE Exchange is an online marketplace of regional and national suppliers of PPE, similar in concept to an Amazon but dedicated to provision of PPE and essential medical supplies.

Via PPE Exchange, hospitals, health care providers, industry and all types of businesses seeking supplies are virtually connected to a marketplace of already-verified suppliers to securely search for items, schedule orders, compare prices and complete transactions.

Click here to visit PPE Exchange now.                      PPE EXCHANGE

Making A Difference: SC Life Sciences Respond

               South Carolina organizations are on the front lines developing solutions to the COVID-19 crisis as it unfolds globally...

Headquartered in Greenville, VitaLink Research was selected by Moderna to run its pivotal Phase III COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial, targeting 1,500 (5%) of total study participants nationwide. With South Carolina considered to be one of the COVID hot spots in the southeast, VitaLink commenced recruiting in mid-July.  Moderna's randomized and placebo-controlled Phase III mRNA-1273 vaccine study, targeting 30,000 participants, centers on prevention of the symptomatic COVID-19 disease. 

VitaLink's selection for the critical study evidences confidence in the research operation in South Carolina. VitaLink connects world-class physicians and medical professionals with site managers and research coordinators to set the standard for timely execution of clinical trial protocols, and works across a range of therapeutic areas from dermatology and internal medicine to general Phase I-IV studies to pulmonary and women’s health.

AmbioPharm Inc. may not be a household name, but the North Augusta-based peptide manufacturer has the largest worldwide capacity for peptide production. Medically and biologically important, peptides are a group of compounds consisting of two or more amino acids linked by chemical bonding.  They act as structural components of cells and tissues, hormones, toxins, antibiotics, and enzymes.

Peptides have been recently advanced for potential COVID vaccine development, diagnostic testing and as therapeutic agents, and Ambiopharm is uniquely positioned to help companies developing peptide-based approaches targeting the virus. With the world’s largest cGMP peptide manufacturing capacity, AmbioPharm Inc. can produce peptides of both high quality and purity at very economical cost, and recently opened its new manufacturing and quality control facilities in South Carolina, adding nearly 56,000 sq. ft of production space.

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SCBIO's round-up of NATIONAL NEWS on COVID-19 -- and how it impacts SC: 
Ensuring COVID-19 Vaccines are Safe and Effective  (PhRMA)
NIH chief, surgeon general vow 'science alone' will guide vaccine  (UPI)

FDA: Only a safe, effective vaccine will get our approval    (Washington Post)

 Covid-19 Vaccines Won’t Come With Copays, U.S. Health Official Says   (Wall St. Journal)

Moderna says its coronavirus vaccine sparks immune response in older people   (BioPharma Dive)

Seven companies nab NIH grants to help meet US demand for COVID-19 testing   (FirstWord Medtech)

Fauci says rushing out a vaccine could jeopardize testing of others   (Reuters)

Meet the man who holds the fate of the coronavirus vaccine in his hands  (Washington Post)

 SCBIO's round-up of STATE NEWS on COVID-19: 

MUSC joins in race to find COVID-19 vaccine    (MUSC)

USC to offer saliva-based COVID-19 test  (Columbia Business Report)

SC manufacturer shifts focus in pandemic to help businesses  (US News)

MUSC joins national patient registry that will answer crucial questions about COVID  (MUSC)

Universities Across SC Turn to Vessel Medical for COVID-19 Safety Preparations (Greenville CEO)

TATT:  A Bright Future for SC Life Sciences   (Ten at the Top)

Water utility gets MUSC help to protect employees and public   (MUSC)

Columbia doctor tapped for CDC Foundation leadership role  (Columbia Business Report)

Charleston:  Mask Up or Get a Ticket  (Post and Courier)


Enjoy These Upcoming Webinars & Podcasts

Join SCBIO and special guests for these important upcoming webinars.  All webinars begin are EST.  unless noted.

To register for these FREE webinars, click the title of each and sign up

Sept 16:    Testing for COVID:  Lessons Learned     11:30AM
                          Presented by Life and Safety Consultants and Abbott

Sept 22:    If I Build It, Will They Come? Design Thinking for Startups        11AM
                          Presented by SCRA and SC Launch

Sept 29:    The Innovation Economy: Opportunities and Challenges in a COVID-19 World      12PM
                          Presented by SCRA Industry Partnership Fund

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        SCBIO -- Beating Back COVID:  SC Companies Leading the Way     
          Presented by Medpoint and featuring top executives from Vikor Scientific... Zverse... Nephron Pharmaceuticals... VitaLink... and  
                                               Modjoul. An SCBIO production.

         South Carolina Leaders Chart State's Path Forward
          Presented by SCBIO - featuring SC Lt. Governor Pamela Evette; State Rep. Murrell Smith, Ways & Means Committee Chair; Dr. Linda
                                                Bell, SC State; Epidemiologist; State Sen. Thomas Alexander, Commerce & Industry Chair; moderator Sam Konduros, SCBIO

          Bold Leadership in the Eye of the Storm:  Insights & Strategies to Secure Our Future
            Presented by SCBIO; Featuring Robert Caslen, President, University of South Carolina; Lou Kennedy, CEO, Nephron
                                                 Pharmaceuticals; Dr. Phyllis Arthur, VP Infectious Diseases and Diagnostics Policy, BIO; Sen. Lindsey Graham

         Next Up:  How SC Healthcare is Taking On COVID-19 
            Featuring Dr. Danielle Scheurer, MUSC; Dr. Alain Litwin, Prisma Health; Thornton 
                                                 Kirby, SC Hospital Association; and Matthew Roberts, Nexsen Pruet

         SC Life Sciences On The Front Lines Against COVID-19 
            Featuring Lou Kennedy, CEO, Nephron Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Bill Massey,
                                                 Chief Scientific Officer, Vikor Scientific

   Regulatory Guidance to Business in Response to COVID-19   
    Featuring Medpoint, LLC's Rich Alberti, COO and Reuben Lawson, Regulatory Consultant

           Responding to COVID-19:  An Update from Washington DC
           Featuring Phyllis Arthur, VP of Infectious Disease, BIO and Andrew Fish, Chief Strategy Officer, AdvaMed

          Maintaining Cybersecurity in light of the COVID-19 Crisis    
          Featuring Delano Collins from Corsica Technologies and Corsica Cybersecurity

       Paycheck Protection Program Under The CARES Act
       Featuring Stephanie Few, Keith Mendelsohn and Sarah Wilk, Womble Bond Dickinson

       Life Sciences Investing:  Is The Faucet Still On?
       Featuring Venture Capital Experts courtesy of Southeast Life Sciences

         Hiring and Retaining a Life Sciences Workforce During COVID-19
Featuring SC Life Sciences HR Leaders from Thorne and ERG Payroll & HR

          Improve Your Bottom Line:  Life Sciences Savings with BIO Business Solutions   
Featuring Bob Dearth, BIO Business Solutions;  Jason Kempton, VWR; Sarah Glazier, Office Depot; Steve Joseph, BREX 


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Real Life: What I learned participating in Oxford's Vaccine Trial

The Covid-19 vaccine developed by Oxford University has shown tantalizing results so far. BBC Future journalist Richard Fisher describes what it’s like to be one of the volunteers in the clinical trials... first hand, and with no holds barred.

His story begins sitting in a hospital reception, his breath fogging his glasses. Minutes before, he had been running through humid streets, late for his appointment. And as doctors and nurses bustle past him on their way to work, Fisher is aware that he doesn't look particularly well... and he feels even worse.  Read or listen as his journey and story begin now...

South Carolina DHEC News & Resource Center

Access South Carolina DHEC's comprehensive repository of news, information, videos, FAQs, testing data and gubernatorial briefings are all right here in one easy click!

Where Do We Stand? Find Out at the COVID-19 Vaccine Tracker

SC Life Sciences Companies Are Hiring!

Check out SCBIO's recently-launched Job Board for a list of positions available immediately at SC life sciences companies that are hiring right now!

Click here to go to the Job Board.

Click here to go to the Resume Database.

Visit the SCBIO Careers portal.

Pathway to a Vaccine: Developing a Safe, Effective and Accessible COVID Vaccine

A subcommittee of the U.S. Committee on Energy and Commerce held remote hearings July 21, 2020 on "Pathway to a Vaccine: Efforts to Develop a Safe, Effective and Accessible COVID-19 Vaccine."  Joining Congrssional leaders were top executives from AstraZeneca, Janssen Vaccines/Johnson & Johnson, Merck, Moderna and Pfizer

Hear first-hand what they had to say, and why we should be bullish on expedited vaccine development to benefit America and our world.  Click to listen/watch.

It's 4 a.m. Do You Know Where Our Vaccine Is?

We're one-third of the way to a widely available coronavirus vaccine, experts say.  A vaccine to protect against the coronavirus will be many things wrapped up in a small vial: a harbinger of a return to normalcy, a scientific feat for the ages and, depending on when it arrives, a politically potent symbol.  

The timeline for how long it will take to get that vaccine is a moving target.  Get full details here.

Southeast Life Sciences COVID Infocenter

Our good friends at Southeast Life Sciences have introduced their updated COVID-19 tracker on all things COVID across the Southeast.  Check out and bookmark their new page here.

SCBIO Media Corner

Check out this continuously-refreshed mix of videos on how we'll defeat the COVID-19 threat.

Biotech's Finest Hour     Podcast

Vaccines Are a Virtue     Podcast

How COVID-19 Spreads in a Community Podcast

Biopharmaceutical Industry Innovation:
Fighting COVID-19

Doing Our Part to Fight COVID-19   video

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