Councils & Committees

Volunteers are the lifeblood of any organization, and SCBIO is no exception.  SCBIO is powered by a dynamic team of public/private members and stakeholders, and we encourage every one to become involved at the highest level possible... thereby getting the absolute most out of your membership.

Of course, some levels of Investorship/Membership come with participation in some of the most engaged and prestigious arenas -- as a member of our Board of Directors, participation in the exclusive Chairman's Circle, active engagement with other executives on our CEO Roundtable, or with the guarantee of rubbing elbows and exchanging insights and business ideas on the Innovation & Industry Council.

Still want more?  A full slate of committees will help you build relationships and take a leadership role in the life sciences industry of South Carolina -- on our Annual Conference Committee, Marketing Committee, and more.

Innovation & Industry Council

Comprised of subject matter experts and nationally recognized leaders  in the life sciences arena, along with representatives of Founding, Vision, Mission, Premier and Palmetto partners, convenes at least twice annually.  Investor representatives will typically serve a 1-year term to coincide with their corporate SCBIO investment term.  Individual members may be called on for involvement in specific economic development projects and initiatives.

Mr. Sam Konduros, Chair - SCBIO, President & CEO
Ms. Erin Ford, Co-Chair - Poly-Med, Inc., Director of Sales; SCBIO, Chair

Mr. Michael Bolick - Selah Partners; SCBIO Chair (former)
Mr. Matt Gevaert - KIYATEC, CEO
Ms. Rebecca Delegge - SCBIO, Chair (former)
Mr. Tom McLean - SCBIO, Chair (former)
Mr. Steve Johnson - SCBIO, Vice Chair (former)
Mr. David Huizenga - SEMDA, Chairman
Dr. Chris Przirembel - Clemson University, VP Emeritus
Mr. Bob Crutchfield - Harbert Ventures
Mr. John Osborne - Harbor Entrepreneur Center, Founder
Ms. Shannon Pierce - New Oceans Health; CareCam
Mr. Bob Kodrzycki - Encompass Biotech

SCBIO Annual Conference Committee

Manages and executes conference programming, operations, marketing, fundraising and hospitality for the annual SCBIO conference

Ms. Kathryn Cole Becker, Chair - Translational Sciences, Founder
Mr. Bryan Davis, Co-Chair - GHS Office of Innovations, Manager

Ms. Erin Ford - Poly-Med, Inc., Director of Sales
Mr. Jerry Chang - BioD, LLC, VP Business Development
Ms. Cindy Clark 
Ms. Tressa Gardner - SiMT, Associate Vice President
Mr. Chad Hardaway - USC Office of Economic Engagement, Assoc. Director
Ms. Liz Hynden 
Ms. Kathy Phlegar 
Mr. Cody Reynolds 
Ms. Molly Stanton 
Ms. Courtney Warren - Marsh & McLennan Agency, Life Science Practice Chair

Chairman's Circle

Comprised of Founding, Vision, Mission, Premier and Palmetto Partners, convenes at least once annually to enhance the value proposition of SCBIO to investors, and to help positively evolve the relevance of the organization to its members.

Ms. Erin Ford, Chairperson - Poly-Med, Inc. - Director of Sales; SCBIO - Chair
Additional Members to be named

CEO Roundtable

Comprised of representatives of all SCBIO Partners and higher qualified members Partners, convenes at least once annually to inform members of SCBIO's strategic initiatives as well as the global BIO landscape.  The group will also weigh in with input and recommendations on SCBIO's work program.

Mr. Sam Konduros, Chairperson - SCBIO - President & CEO
Additional Members to be named