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Rymedi and Precision Genetics Announce Strategic Partnership to Advance Precision Medicine and Healthcare Innovation 

Greenville, SC — May 2, 2024 — Rymedi and Precision Genetics, two leading pioneers in healthcare technology solutions, proudly announce their strategic partnership aimed at transforming health outcomes and efficiencies through precision medicine. The collaboration will combine Precision Genetics’ PrecisionOp, a personalized means to reduce adverse drug reactions  and reliance on post-operative opioids for patients undergoing surgery, and Rymedi’s block-chain enabled clinical trial and registry platform. 

Rymedi and Precision Genetics, both founded and headquartered in Greenville, SC, have experienced remarkable success with their digital health platforms. Rymedi was recently named one of the 50 fastest growing companies in South Carolina due to its ability to enhance and scale patient and population health data management and workflow solutions. Similarly, Precision Genetics was named the South Carolina Research Authority (SCRA) Company of the Year in 2022 for its exceptional job and revenue growth, demonstrated during the pandemic through COVID-19 testing. Now, with combined efforts, these two companies are poised to improve patient medical outcomes and overall care experience. 

Nate Wilbourne, CEO and Founder of Precision Genetics commented, “We are thrilled to join forces with an innovative team like Rymedi. I see tremendous value and synergy between our efforts, putting us in a unique position to move the needle on health outcomes in this state. By integrating Rymedi’s expertise in patient-facing entry points and data analysis with Precision Genetics’ genetic testing solutions, we can modernize how we approach patient care, and ultimately transform care delivery for the better.” 

Rymedi’s clinical trial and registry platform will support Precision Genetics’ IRB-approved research study, Prospective Outcomes & Molecular Implementation Support Registry (PROMISRx), to track, analyze and find predictors of medication response for patients in a surgical setting. The registry study will provide genetic information that can be used to tailor drug regimens for patients to reduce risk and optimize recovery after surgery.

David Stefanich, CEO and Founder of Rymedi, expressed enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “This partnership represents a pivotal moment in our mission to transform healthcare through data-driven solutions. By combining forces with Precision Genetics, we are positioned to deliver tangible benefits to healthcare providers and patients alike, driving efficiency and efficacy in the delivery of care.” 
The collaboration between Rymedi and Precision Genetics underscores their shared commitment to innovation and scaling digital healthcare. Together, they are ready to drive meaningful improvements and bridge ecosystems to advance precision health. 


About Precision Genetics 

Headquartered in Greenville, South Carolina, Precision Genetics offers value-based care solutions, powered by a molecular diagnostic platform to drive better patient outcomes while reducing the overall cost of care. 

Precision Genetics is modernizing the standard of care to enable doctors to prescribe medications with precision and safety. Our solutions help provide better patient outcomes and lower overall healthcare costs. 

By combining evidence-based technology and population risk analysis into a comprehensive and actionable solution, we can deliver seamless clinical decision support to foster nothing less than research-based personalized medicine for patients. 

At Precision Genetics, we’re ushering in a new, less costly and more efficient standard-of-care. For more information, please visit

About Rymedi 

Founded in 2018 as a software as a service (SAAS) company, Rymedi is revolutionizing patient and population health data management software and workflow solutions for diagnostic testing, clinical research, and occupational health & screening. The Rymedi blockchain-backed platform ensures data is securely transferred while meeting healthcare compliance standards worldwide. Its technology stack leverages blockchain, IoT, and AI to improve the consumer experience and provide access to their health and credentialing records. From patient consent and a universal mobile health pass to rapid collections deployment and automated reporting, Rymedi facilitates data access across multiple parties and platforms. The ease and efficiency of this robust platform increases revenue and efficiency for various data infrastructures while protecting vital health information – Empowering organizations to improve human health. For more information, please visit

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