Life Sciences Leader Spotlight


David Stefanich
Founder & CEO; Rymedi 

What is your personal mission?

To provide the global population with the availability of well-being in their lives.

What inspires YOU to do your job?

The faces of children we may impact, even when we don’t speak their native language.

Get to know David Stefanich

Currently Reading

Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis

Favorite Place

Amersfoot, Netherlands

Favorite Movie or Show


Career Aspiration as a Child

Grind my way through middle management… or be a Neuroscientist

Favorite Quote

“Unfaltering, focused will” – John Wick


Lorain, Ohio


What is your philosophy on leadership? 

Lead from the front.


Interesting fact about your company

Rymedi’s first project was in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Our work in Ulaanbaatar fulfilled our company’s mission, as it has the highest concentration of Hep C infection in the world. 


Tell us about your role in SC’s Life Sciences Ecosystem…

Rymedi’s innovative enabling technology platform can be leveraged across industry verticals to positively impact all aspects of the life sciences industry.

How do you fit in the bigger picture of the industry?

Rymedi’s platform can be implemented for medical devices, treatments, therapeutic development, medical diagnostics and more.


Tell us what value and benefits your organization is receiving through membership in SCbio…

Visibility throughout the entire southeast region.

SCbio board members have the unique opportunity to solidify multiple perspectives on how to positively impact the life sciences industry and bring it to a personal level through connections and lives impacted across our fine state.


What is next for your organization? 


 What are you focused on in the next year?

Improving innovation developed here in SC and empowering the SC Life Sciences industry to make impacts within the global arena.

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