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XRC Ventures Invests in Incora Health

Courtesy of XRC Ventures

At XRC Ventures, we are thrilled to announce our recent investment in Incora Health, a pioneering company at the intersection of healthtech and consumer wellness. Incora Health offers a revolutionary solution tailored specifically to the unique needs of women, providing them with actionable health and fertility insights through its innovative smart earrings.

Earrings? Yes. Your ear has blood flow, which is all you need to monitor your essential metrics day and night.

Image shows the anatomy of the human ear with an emphasis on the anterior auricular artery, exernal carotid artery and posterior auricular artery.

Image courtesy of the Incora Health blog post: Your Ear’s Inner Powers: Health Monitoring Made Simple.

Why do we love Incora?

  • Incora earrings are more accurate and much more stylish than the best-in-class wearables like Oura across all metrics, including fertility, which is notoriously hard to measure. Clinicals are making this very clear.
  • It offers best-in-class 360 and patented sensor technology tracking across key biometrics: core body temperature, ovulation predictions, activity levels, stress, and sleep patterns in real-time.
  • It is both a wearable and jewelry, the latter of which is a premium moat in the market, contributing to promising valuation growth and exit opportunities.
  • The earring studs can be swapped out with different designs as women will want to change their look without losing vital monitoring. This product design will lead to a much higher LTV.
  • First-rate team led by Founder & CEO Dr. Lindsey Calcutt, a biomedical engineer.
  • The products and company are made for women, by women.

Meet the Founder & CEO: Dr. Lindsey Calcutt

Headshot of Dr. Lindsey Calcutt. Dr. Calcutt is smiling in a outdoor setting wearing the Incora earrings.

Photo: Dr. Lindsey Calcutt wearing Incora Health earrings.

Dr. Lindsey Calcutt is a business and technical executive driven by a passion for improving the lives of women and leveraging cutting-edge technology to create novel solutions for women’s health. With over 15+ years experience in the medical device and pharmaceutical industries, Dr. Calcutt is instrumental in building and managing diverse teams, navigating the FDA regulatory process, developing clinical partnerships and leading clinical trials.

Dr. Calcutt holds a doctorate in biomedical engineering and past leadership roles with Johnson & Johnson and various startup companies in the oncology, cardiovascular, and women’s health space. Dr. Calcutt serves on a number of professional, academic and community boards.

Market Opportunity

Source: McKinsey, The Dawn of the FemTech Revolution. Feb 14, 2022.

Historically overlooked and underserved, women’s health has become a rapidly expanding market opportunity with a forecast to represent a $1.186 trillion market by 2027. The women’s health space boasts more than 112 exits since 1990 — more than half of which were in the last five years with a total valuation of $27.6 billion. The average “FemTech” startup exit value is $301 million, which beats the average tech exit of $204 million. Lastly, the typical time for a FemTech exit in the past decade was only four years, less than half the time it takes for a typical tech startup to exit.

Because each woman’s health profile is unique, products and services need to be highly personalized. Incora Health pairs the wearable earrings with an app, which uses generative AI technology to understand the user’s menstrual cycles and make predictions about her fertility after a couple of months of collecting and tracking data. There’s an enormous opportunity for Incora to win in the fertility tracking space. With an estimated 1 in 4 couples experiencing fertility issues worldwide, there is a significant need for accessible and accurate tools to support reproductive health.

The XRC team can’t wait to join the Incora Health team on this promising journey!

Learn more about Incora Health at, and reserve your Incora Health earrings here. Follow Incora on InstagramLinkedIn, and Facebook.

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